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29-Sept-2016 17:00: Back To Top

Another update has befallen in Star Wars Commander, Boom Beach, and Clash of Clans. In Preparation, we have started to include all of these major changes, that have either taken place or and are forthcoming. Stay Tuned for additional changes...

The SWC update brings the release of Equipment Data Fragments, Equipment, and the Armory! In preparation, we wanted to go over each of the major release elements:
What are Equipment Data Fragments?

  • Data Fragments are obtained from Supply Crates and are used to unlock and upgrade Equipment at the Armory.
  • Players must collection a certain amount of data fragments before they are able to unlock Equipment.
What is the Armory?
  • The Armory is new building that unlocks at HQ6 and allows players to activate unlocked Equipment.
  • Players can upgrade their armory to increase the number of concurrently active pieces of Equipment.
What is Equipment?
  • Equipment provides the player a bonus to the stats of the affected unit/structure along with a new “skin” or visual change.
  • Equipment may be location/planet-dependent (e.g.: Snowtrooper Equipment only active during a battle on Hoth)
  • Equipment is Unlocked once a Player gathers the appropriate number and type of Equipment data fragments. The unlock is permanent but the Equipment must be activated at the Armory to apply its bonus.
  • Equipment is upgraded in the Research Lab with the same unique Equipment data fragments used to unlock the Equipment.
  • During the upgrade time, players may not perform other upgrades at the Research Lab.
  • Equipment is activated in the Armory.
  • Equipment can be deactivated/activated at any time the player has access to the armory. There is no cooldown.

Boom Beach:

Commander, we have excellent news! The September Update has finally arrived! If you want to get straight to the details, the patch notes are listed below. The update will be available at some point today (hopefully soon!) and we will enter maintenance when that happens.
The two newest Prototype defenses are The Hot Pot and The Grappler!

The Hot Pot is a hidden flamethrower with a devastating trick up its sleeve. It will lower into its bunker, safe from the gunboat, until troops venture into its range.

The Grappler also has some pull! With its massive range, it will grab a troop from a distance and drag them closer to nearby defenses. Combined with a creative base design, Grappler will wreak havoc on invading armies!

The Grappler is available at Weapon Lab level 1, and the Hot Pot is available at Weapon Lab level 2

There have also been some changes to the Doom Cannon. It will now have a small area of effect, doing incredible damage to troops nearby its primary target. Additionally, the Lazor Beam II and III are both getting damage boosts. Finally, the Weapon Lab cost is decreased for all levels!

But that’s not all Commander! The Cryoneer has wisened up. She used to ignore flares on rare occasions, but no more! The Cryoneer is now better focused and groups of them will not spread out as drastically. Additionally, The Critters have found their feet and should do a much better job of triggering mines. Finally, we have added an “Invite Back” button for those Task Force members that were accidentally (or maybe intentionally..) kicked out.

Patch notes:

  • Prototype Weapon - The Hot Pot! A devastating hidden Flamethrower
  • Prototype Weapon - The Grappler! A tricky device that drags troops across your base
  • The Inbox has been redesigned and now has much more information (English only)
  • Croyneers will now group up more efficiently
  • Doom Cannon now has a small area of effect
  • Lazor Beam levels II and III now deal more damage
  • Invite Back button has been added to Task Forces
  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Weapon Lab cost decreased for all levels
  • Critters will now properly trigger mines when deployed

13-August-2016 16:00: Back To Top

This has been a long time in coming, for as you can see now The Clan will reemerge back into the old realm of not only PC titles, but the Console realms once again. Regaining our old structure of Section Leaders, headed off by the overseeing Council that will be selected By our Current Clan Leaders. Such Title Series that will be included are Unreal Tournament, Rainbow Six, Gears Of War, Star Wars Commando, Boom Beach, and finally The Black Ops Library. So... if you know curently of anyone who is involved one or all of these titles, All you have to do is just direct them to the proper Contact information, and we will set up tryout Dates for the First Person Shooters. As For the Others, I will be posting Minimum Requirements for each in the Appropriate Sections. The Projected Date for the Completion is estimated to be Before the end of November. More to Follow Shortly.

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