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M.E.R.C Guild strives to be one of the best Resource sites in the gaming community. Only a select few will become a part of the M.E.R.C Staff. We are extremely Dedicated and Loyal. We started this Resource site for gamers to have fun however; we must all play by the following Codes of Conduct. The most important Criteria are that you respect all other members of the gaming community, while you are enlisted with your Clan and or Team/Squad. Whether on any Server, Global or Clan Chat. You should hold Respect, Good Sportsmanship and the Right to have fun above all else. Additionally, you should also respect your right to defend yourself should another member of the gaming Community start to verbally attack either yourself or the Clan and or Team/Squad Name.

  1. Please use clear and concise English requests. Communication is par for creating a united war Machine and Clan.
  2. Do not use excess profanity on any server. The occasional slip is of course ok - Let us stand out from the others. Either in Clan chat or more importantly Global.
  3. Please do not discuss matters of Political or Religious views in Clan chat or more importantly Global; these are video games and not the time or place to express your personal viewpoints on such matters.
  4. Attitude - No member shall engage in any activity that demeans either Clan and or the Team/Squad or communities. This includes but is not limited to insulting typed and voice chat of any kind, screenshots, and videos posted on the M.E.R.C forums, IRC, or any other site.
  5. All members are expected to have a certain level of maturity. If you need further explanation of that, this clan probably is not for you. We are here to have fun, play games, and enjoy the gaming experience as a clan; but, just remember there is a limit at times. While in Global or clan private, common sense rules what is acceptable; though, in Global we expect you to be mature and represent your Clan and or Team/Squad in a way that leaves an honorable reputation.
  6. Have integrity - When an someone is making an idiot of themselves online, do not go back and forth with them. Being tied up in an argument with these people makes us look bad and does nothing to solve the problem.
  7. Cheating/Hacking/Glitching - Cheating and hacking of any kind, including attempted cheating and hacking, is strictly prohibited. Violators will be immediately removed. Discussion of methods and encouragement of cheating and hacking is prohibited. Publicly accusing or implying other players, clans, or communities are cheating is also prohibited. If you suspect someone of cheating, it should be privately discussed with your respected heads of Leadership.
  8. All members must be active within the Clan and or Team/Squad. We understand that ‘real life’ comes first and you cannot be online all the time. This is not a problem as the administrative staff does not live online either. Even if you cannot get online to play, try to check the website/forums when you can to get the latest updates from the Clan and or Team/Squad, and add your input when discussions are open. However, if you expect to be out of town or unavailable to play for an extended period of time (more than a week) we simply ask that you let the Clan and or Team/Squad know. This will help them identify players who have stopped playing the game. Having member that does not play anymore in the roster can reflect poorly to new members.
  9. If you say, you will be involved with a Team/Squad War, Practice and or Meeting, BE THERE.
  10. When you get your buts handed to you in a War, please refrain from accusations towards another member. If you do lose, learn from it. If there is some "Problem" internal or otherwise, discuss it first either via email or in the private Chat/Forum with your repsected heads of leadership first before discussing the situation with anyone else.
  11. Non-disclosure - Sensitive Clan and or Team/Squad policy and/or tactics may not be disclosed to non members without first acquiring the consent your Heads of Leadership. All disputes regarding policy and tactics should be resolved internally, to preserve the integrity and unity.
  12. These rules are subject to change, interpretation, and enforcement by your Leaders, Section Staff, and other applicable Staff. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct, as well as any activity not listed here but found to be harming or disruptive may also result in expulsion or other punishment.
  13. Remember.... FUN and FRIENDS are ALWAYS more important than Winning!!

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