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The MERC Guild: Back To Top

Now for a story behind the MERC name, it all began back in the early Nineties, when a bunch of us hardcore First person shooter addicts formed a unique pact and created first indoctrination of the Mercenaries Guild. After some discussion, we decided to shorten the name and modify it into the M.E.R.C Guild. We included in our roster some great titles that were well known, such as the Rainbow Six and Black OP series going further back into the Quake, Half-Life, and Unreal Tournament Series. Not forgetting of Course Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith add-on and Doom.

After expanding into these titles, we attracted and recruited some of the best players worldwide and renowned for their skills. We kept growing into 130 plus members strong, each bring their own talents forging them into teams for each title. After some time we became world known in the gaming communities and went to war with many clans. As all great things start, they eventually end, but only for a time. Until one of the founding members decided to resurrect The M.E.R.C name, but not Resurrecting from the ashes that we once were, but into the New Generation you see now. We are here to stay and make an impact once more.

M.E.R.C Guild - A State of Mind or Pure Thought you Decide... We are The Guild of Tomorrow. We welcome you into the Realm of Peace and Serenity. As the Knights of Old England, as are we the Knights of the New Millennium, and join in the Fortitude of Strength, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Honor amongst our Ranks.

Time Is the Fire in Which all of us Burn.
And so you shall when Challenging Us.
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