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STARBENDER Squad - Empire
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Therefore, you are possibly enquiring about how to become one of the many Squads or clans listed throughout. You should know a few things, before enlisting. They are only seeking those who are active on a Regular basis and Speak their current language Only. For In either Clan or Squad Wars or helping others in Farming, the reasons are self-explanatory. When they are ready to proceed into Clan or Squad Wars, you will receive notice of no less than 24 hours. The Minimum requirements for Each Team and Or Squad are independent from the rest.

Star Wars Commander: STARBENDER:
  1. 1. Minimum Medals may be listed or not, After that it is up to you at which Level you wish to Pursue of allowed. Some do not enforce A Minimum Requirement of 15,000 Medals is Required.
  2. 2. Maxed out HeadQuarters are seeked out but in most cases not.
  3. 3. Troop Levels are a mainstay of possible acceptance.
  4. 4. War Stars Earned Could greatly help on acceptance as well.
  5. 5. Minimum Experience Level is also taken into accord.
  6. 6. Prefereabbly No Rushed Bases, it is up to the player to keep a well balanced offense/defense.
  7. 7. Absolutely No Squad Camping.
  8. 8. No Disrepecting other Members, of any sort.
  9. 9. English Language Greatly helps any team overall, and is required.
  10. 10. Loyalty, Honesty and Integrety benefits the whole Team.

If all of these requirements describe your Status, Please feel free to look us up in Star Wars Commander and try us out. We currently have Vacant Slots available in Our Squad. Therefore, in order to for us to fill these, we are avidly seeking right now Level HQ9 and Above, Active and Loyal Empire members. Once filled, we will close the Recruiting Section until Further Notice. One last note, these rules are in place for common sense and effective teamwork. If these do not fit your expectations, then you need not apply and locate another Team.

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