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STARBENDER Squad - Empire
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These currently are the Clans and Associates of the M.E.R.C Guild. Listed in accordance with their Leaders and respected members in each title. Recruiting now is predetermined by their respected heads of Leadership and or their Scouts, and do not reflect any changes within our Structured Resource Site. Changes will be mitigated and subject to change by each Section, as updated by our staff.


Name Title Bio
MERC-ZeroCool Administrator Webmaster - Video and Stills Graphic Designer
Knight RaveN Programmer Layout and Back end Design
Dreamweaver Events and News Content and News Updates

Star Wars Commander:

Name Faction Rank HQ Level
Octavius Empire Leader 10
Flashart Empire Officer 10
MERC-ZeroCool Empire Officer 10
DK421 Empire Officer 10
Darksky Empire Officer 10
Venom SandFire Empire Officer 10
Darth Zin Empire Officer 10
Alexander Hamilton Empire Officer 10
fujiko Empire Officer 10
quijxa Empire Officer 10
Incineindine Empire Officer 10
imperial08 Empire Officer 10
John Empire Officer 10
Lime Empire Member 10
Zooey Empire Member 10
Darth Hater 3 Empire Member 10
Buzz Empire Member 10
Jagdtiger Empire Member 10
Darth Binky Empire Member 10
Prafessorx Empire Member 9
Daniel Empire Member 9
ScorchMando Empire Member 9
Thrawn Empire Member 8
TK-421 Empire Member 9
Gaskappel Empire Member 9
Nameless Empire Member 9
riggy Empire Member 7

Star Wars Commander:
Squad: STARBENDER - Retired Members:

Name Faction Rank HQ Level
Sixace Empire Officer 10
Mike Empire Officer 10
Ethree Empire Member 10
BioHazard Empire Officer 10
CazadoR Dan Empire Member 10
Serenity Spacer Empire Member 10
Mark Empire Member 9
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