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Unreal Tournament

Epic Games is building Unreal Tournament in close partnership with the Unreal community. Anyone can get involved by becoming an Unreal Engine 4 subscriber - and subscriptions are free! If you just want to check out the current state of the game, you can download it from

We’re in the pre-alpha stage of development, building prototype gameplay systems, testing design ideas, and establishing a framework for further feature development. We are looking for more community developers to start working on core functionality and content needs (see our programming Trello board and content Trello board) or creating mods and providing feedback on that process.

There are many ways for you to contribute to development:

  • If you'd like to learn more about how to use the Unreal Engine to contribute to Unreal Tournament, we have a set of web tutorials to help you get started.
  • Epic is implementing or managing development tasks related to core game functionality. You can always see the latest details about what we are working on either by looking at our live Github commits (visible to Unreal Engine 4 subscribers who have linked their account to GitHub), or by checking out the more readable Version Notes we create for each release. All notes for previous versions are also available on the wiki.
  • Prototyping core functionality is a very useful way to support the design discussions, especially for proposing or promoting concepts new to Unreal Tournament.
  • Many major features, such as the Assault game type are well suited to be community led efforts. We will participate in the design and architecture discussions for these features and support development as needed.
  • We’ll also support the development of mod projects that extend Unreal Tournament in whatever direction the developers want to go.
  • Talented community artists are concepting and creating characters, weapons and HUD graphics for Unreal Tournament.
  • Community level designers are creating levels for Unreal Tournament.
  • The community is also helping test the game, and providing bug reports on our QA forums. Our public bug database shows all active bugs reported by the community and our Epic QA team.
  • You can also contribute game design ideas: join the conversation on the Design Forums!
  • The community is also welcome to host Unreal Tournament servers. One of our community members contributed a guide for server admins.

Please visit the Unreal Tournament Development page for more information.

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